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06.02 15:57 - Съботен микс
Автор: catforlife Категория: Музика   
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1. catforlife - Коментари от YouTube към Madonna - Oh Father
06.02 17:12
One of the best music videos of all time. This music video packs more story and emotion than some 2 hour films. There is so much to unpack here: death of a parent, grief, parental neglect, child abuse, alcoholism, abusive relationships, forgiveness, resilience, and in a metaphorical sense, conflicting emotions about God and religion. This video and the song that inspired it are masterpieces.
This song and video prevented me from committing suicide as I had been bullied at school and also by my father repeatedly. As long as I live I will adore and respect and cherish Her for what she has offered to so many people, without even, her, knowing about it. She is not just my idol, she is not just an icon, she is part of my life as I truly still exist because of her.
“maybe someday, when I look back I’ll be able to say, you didn’t mean to be cruel, somebody hurt you too”
2. catforlife - Коментари от YouTube към Eminem - Cleanin' Out My Closet
06.02 17:13
This always saddens me as it reminds me of how many innocent children are out there who get abused by their parents. Either physically or emotionally. Not having a proper safe environment when growing up.
I'd just like to take all those kids and give them a nice, warm, supportive, safe and loving home.
"Remember when Ronnie died and you said you wished it was me"

The worst thing a mother could say to their child
Always listened to this while being a teenager and I never thought that one day this song would have so much value and meaning to me as an adult as I grew up with toxic parents.

Every word in this song is my childhood and youth. I've been fighting PTSD for over 30 years and I'm turning 43 this year. I'm done surviving and I'm going to live instead! Thank you for your beautiful Music.
3. catforlife - Коментари YouTube към Three Days Grace - Never Too Late
06.02 17:15
As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I want to say this... My fiance was struggling to understand why I was so "frigid". I showed him this video and he understood so much more. So thank yhou so so much TDG, as always
This song starts out with a young girl happy with her life,
dancing around in a circle. This shows them as one big happy family. When her parents leave the man with the sweater comes inand she has no one else so she trusts him. It shows the girl's parents with tape over their eyes to show that they can't see the pain she is going through. The woman being taken by the nurses is the little girl as a woman. She is being brought into an insane asylum because the pain of the days when the sweater man had
molested her were too painful and brought her to try and commit suicide. The hands that are holding the woman down are the molester's hands because what he did brought her there. It keeps showing the little girl and they are the memories of the woman's innocence of childhood and how it was taken away. The black hand prints you see show that she was touched everywhere by the sweater
man because you see the black ink on his hands. The winged man attacking the sweater man is not a demon as so many others have stated. He is her guardian angel and is attacking the molester (or sweater man) to protect her. As the guardian angel wins feathers start to fall on both the little girl and the woman showing that she is free from this memory of the molester. The woman walks away,
smiling, not held down anymore because her guardian angel has freed her.
4. catforlife - Коментари от YouTube към Ludacris - Runaway Love
06.02 17:18
I was going Through sexual abuse at the hands of my step dad when this song came out and I would cry to this song all night and day. Nobody understands how much being molested/raped affects us as children. Especially in a household where you don’t talk about what goes on in the household. Now at 24 years old I’m suffering from so many mental and emotional issues and I’m here again. Crying all night and Day.

“Forced to think that hell is a place called home“
Damn if this song made you cry your a survivor

i first i heard when i was twelve years old and i loved it instantly and i just couldn't grasp how i was blessed and other kids my age went through that. we all deserve a good childhood, no matter the circumstances.
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